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When well thought out, food branding and logo design can build trust and convey that an authentic, friendly foodie experience is expected. Japan is known for its ramen, sushi, and many other amazing finds that delight the palate. As you walk the streets of Tokyo, you'll be surrounded by fluorescent, and LED illuminated signs with restaurant logos, packaging designs, and creative food branding inviting you to dine in. For food brand Koboru Sushi, I wanted to put that experience into a clean, minimal branding, modern restaurant logo design while staying true to Japanese culture.

The Japanese-style patterns and light typography make the viewer think of Japanese minimalism or traditional Zen Buddhist aesthetics, But not your typical Asian restaurant. I chose to overlay and conceal different meanings between the lettering and the elements that make up the logo's symbol. For example, the central graphic element is the circle, a common motif in Japanese design and an inherent symbol of balance and harmony, just fitting for a sushi bar.

The monochromatic and contrasting colour palette highlights the company's elegance and attention to food—a simple, fresh, and modern look. When someone asks me to design a company logo, I always try to represent the company's essence.

In addition to originality and recognition, I try to appeal to the audience and not make the concept too obvious, even at the risk of looking a little banal.

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