Ciao, I'm Giacomo,
your packaging and brand identity
designer for all business sizes.

I'm very experienced in brand identity and packaging design, but I'm always eager to learn more. I'm a pixel artisan who combines engaging graphics and visual storytelling to make your message and brand persona come to life. Design is more than just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works.

I've been refining my design skills for over 20 years, and now I use a 360° design approach to create beautiful, visual identities. Whether you need a brand identity, website, or product design, I can help you put your best foot forward. In addition to working as a freelancer, I also manage a boutique studio with a team of several highly qualified brand experts.

My branding agency offers creative design solutions to help you stand out in the marketplace. We can create a brand identity and logo design that are memorable and functional for your business needs!
Some niche includes food, skincare, banking and finance, consulting, finance, and e-commerce.

The Brief

I adore helping others expand their businesses.
I collaborate extensively with my clients to produce excellent work and develop relationships. By understanding your needs, looking into opportunities, and coming up with original ideas and solutions, I hope to build lasting relationships.

I evaluate your goals, market, and audience to propose a design solution. The project is kept on schedule and within budget. Communication is essential during the design process, so I welcome your input on our collaboration!