Tampa - United States

Cryptocurrencies are rising, and a need for solid brand identity comes with that.

DigiCash, headquartered in SanPetersbourg, Florida, was born out of a need to improve banking services within their community. It quickly evolved into a national ATM network for Bitcoin and digital currency trading.

The logo for this cryptocurrency brand needed to be simple and memorable. The symbol resembles a traditional banknote that transforms into a digital banknote and contains the elements of the blockchain inside.

The challenge is to get people to embrace digital currencies. Many people find them foreign and unfamiliar and are hesitant to switch from traditional forms of currency. DigiCash has tried to find a way to make digital currency more accessible and user-friendly to succeed.

They solved this by providing their communities with an easy and familiar way to experience digital currency via a network of Bitcoin ATMs, with a special focus on stable coins. They enhance familiarity by using our DigiCash Debit Card.

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