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Consumer interest in body care and cosmetic products are steering the growth of overall beauty brands in the beauty and cosmetics market. diversification of brands has led to the rise of new brands and categories from naturally sourced, all natural care brands to hair color, skincare, sun protection, make-up, perfumes, and hair care products. When building beauty brands, you must address an array of elements before settling on the package design or designs for labels. Beauty brands must be beautiful and eye-catching while visually embodying the target audience’s desired lifestyle and persona. The use of color palettes, patterns and typography can be the difference between luxury brands and happy brands or elegant and playful. For this example, Sutti Cosmetics develops its 100% cruelty free skincare products with marine ingredients that help promote heathy skin.

This magic formula was factored into the design planning process. I decided that a marine palette with intense coral reds, and turquoise shades which are reminiscent of crystalline waters would convey a marine aquatic ecosystem but with a certain level of refinement and sophistication. Since these are high-end products, the use of embossed paper and metal foils for some details are perfectly suited to the purpose. This care brand is methodically and thoughtfully positioned with its packaging design and label design.