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Uniqum – Olive oil branding and label


Successful food label branding will give customers an emotional bond to that product. Whether creating private label branding, custom labeling or food labeling, good food branding can be the only difference from the competition. Food products are just food products unless the food branding can help customers perceive them on a subconscious level. They can be either extravagant, delectable, top grade and nutritionally healthy or fun, good for you and affordable. The beautiful packaging, label designs and food branding for olive oil are a testament to its importance and branding flexibility. Olive oil also has a rich history and origin story.

There have been many stories and legends about the olives that involve individuals from prophets to kings, form Greek gods to pharaohs stretching from Egypt to Rome connected by the Mediterranean Basin. In fact, Uniqum’s raw ingredients come from the Mediterranean basin and are imported to Australian and Southeast Asian markets.

Because of this vibrant origin, the colors for the Uniqum design vary between shades of green which represent the leaves and the unripe olives.  The dark brown represents the earth and the barks, all characterized by the golden yellow highlights from the freshly squeezed oil to symbolize royalty. The olive branch is a symbol of peace and victory in Ancient Greece, so the outline of an olive branch became the focal element in the logo. For the food labelling, I used a screen-printing technique by contrasting white and black topography against dark and light olive oil bottles for a more modern look.