Food branding and Food Logo Design - Koboru Sushi

Koboru Sushi

Food branding and food logo design when done thoughtfully can create trust and convey that an authentic friendly foodie experience is expected. Japan is known for their ramen, sushi, and a lot of other amazing finds that delight the palate. Walking the streets of Tokyo, you will be surrounded by fluorescent and LED lite signs of restaurant logos, package food designs and creative food branding inviting you to come and eat. In fact, for the Koboru Sushi food brand, I wanted to encapsulate that experience into a clean modern logo design but stay authentic to Japanese culture.
The Japanese-style patterns pared with light typography makes the audience think Japanese minimalism or traditional Zen Buddhism aesthetics that bode well for food branding.

I chose to overlap and conceal different meanings between the lettering
and the elements which make up the icon of the logo. For example, the focal graphic element is the circle which are widely used motifs in Japanese design and inherent symbols of balance and harmony. The monochromatic and high-contrast color palette used reveals the elegance of their business and attention to their food. A simple, fresh and modern look. When someone asks me to design a company logo, I always try to represent the essence of the company. In addition to its originality and recognizability, I try to speak to the audience and not make the concept too obvious, at the risk of it looking a little banal.